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A creative Engineer? Sounds like a crazy oxymoron… no longer

Engineering is in the top ten courses in terms of drop out rates. Why is this? Well statistics show that many engineers haven’t been given the creative opportunities to tackle and deal with real life problems and applications in engineering. For many, engineering is intimidating and acceptance into engineering is seen as a one way route - or so they are lead to believe. Our proposition is to change peoples perceptions of what engineering actually is. We want to renovate engineering, to try and make people aware of the possibilities and opportunities engineering can provide as a creative subject, diverting away from this idea of a mathematical science based community. We believe that emphasising the creative scope of possibilites engineering can provide will appeal to young people and encourage them to get involved through pursuing engineering itself or working along side engineers. Turning the engineering community into an all inclusive creative space allowing expression, design and construction of our future. By combining engineering and creativity we can create so much more, working along side each other.

To do this we plan to introduce focused creative workshops and events both for young individuals and young professionals. These workshops and programs would lead onto a foundation year for people to meet and join a creative engineering community where the courses become multidisciplinary. Creating a social media presence and name within universities and further education.

We want to make engineers without boredom !


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