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Feb 11, 2021
In Concept notes
The notion of social responsibility is critical to the future of engineering. For this reason, we are developing a project aiming to make the next generation of engineers understand the importance of community. Our aim is to partner university engineers with local charities in order to develop designs for the problems that they are facing. University engineers would work in teams for a week to develop a solution. The winning teams of the universities will have the opportunity to present to a company that could implement the solution. The team's designs will be assessed on certain criteria such as cost, sustainability, community involvement. These ideas are essential for creating responsible engineering solutions to local problems. We are focussing on university students because they are the future and can be best shaped into the idealistic viewpoints we want. Using university engineers as a platform allows the future generation to gain experience in dealing with real-world problems. It furthermore gives them an ethical insight that can be taken forward in order to make them more globally responsible. There is often a disconnect between university students and the cities they live in, hence we would aim to increase the levels of direct involvement between universities and local communities. This is a great way to bring communities together whilst also providing direct action to areas in need. This provides a mutual benefit for both communities and university students. This creates a generation of engineers with a renewed view on the importance of community allowing them to spread this globally.


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