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Ian Kamau
Feb 21, 2021
In Final submissions
Unfortunately due to technical issues the video doesn't include our faces. The link below is for the video is faces if opened on a computer should work correctly. @Farheen @Ulas
#FinalSubmission Team D21-D2, UNITE content media
Ian Kamau
Feb 12, 2021
In Concept notes
There are numerous challenges that our world is facing. Poverty, global warming, and pandemic to name a few. Various international forums aim to resolve these challenges and find solutions which are effective on a large scale. However, individual focus towards damaging effects of these challenges is missing which results in tensions and complexities of our society. For example, humans have now come up with covid-19 vaccine but work opportunities during the entire lockdown remain limited. Therefore, due to resulting poverty and financial losses, the victory against the pandemic is left short. Commonly, world leaders are privileged people, who see a problem as a whole and often miss the intricacies involved. On the other hand, an ordinary person living life in the middle of the problem is more deeply affected by a problem and is able to find out which solution works best. They may have the ideas to reduce the impact of a global challenge but often lack necessary support, and funding for implementation. Our solution, “UNITE” is a platform where innovators and entrepreneurs with great ideas, plans and systems can advertise their solution to companies with similar interests. The platform can be delivered both as an app and a webpage. The aim is to bring the people with the ideas together with companies with the intent of potential investment and mentoring in order to increase the impact of the ideas and support implementation. The goal is to provide innovators with some opportunities to change the world as a whole and not just have great ideas which get forgotten. #entrepreneurship #changetheworld @Ferheen Ayaz @ulas
Concept Note, D21 -21. Better Together. content media

Ian Kamau

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