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Isabel Dodd
Feb 21, 2021
In Final submissions
This is team D21-13's Final Submission, please see attached our final proposal, video and link to our active demo website. EngUcate Website: #D21-13 #D2113 #FinalSubmission #EngUcate Team D21-13: @Felix Parbery @Elisavetha Sergeev @Isabel Dodd Mentor: Thank you so much for all your help. 😀 @Nasser Al-Tell Collaborators (Team D21-10): We really enjoyed working with you. 💙 @Adeela Bano @Arjun Bangher @Elise
Isabel Dodd
Feb 11, 2021
In Concept notes
Engineering education has always been vague and inconsistent. Especially today, engineering practice, benefits and especially consequences are rarely discussed in educational institutions worldwide. The lack of reliable and factual information sources that are open for debate for young people are rare. Our solution is an interactive platform, available to everyone, including students. This platform includes aspects such as engineering and environment-related news sources and articles, games, panels, chat-rooms for debate and Q&As. This platform will act as a safe space and will raise awareness for the problems man-kind causes to the environment. It provides information about companies & technologies which are working to reduce the damage caused by the engineering industry, discussing ideas and proposals based on articles to inspire future generations of engineers. To increase engagement of younger users, there will be a game, based on the doughnut economic model, enabling you to impersonate an engineering figure, making choices about balancing the dynamic short and long-term consequences of their actions on the world. You can interact with other users to enable decisions to be made together, replicating the reality of engineering for the end-user. It will provide up-to-date engineering news sources including recent inventions and sustainable design strategies, allowing students to interact, discuss and debate their favourite articles with their peers. The platform will be monitored by a person/algorithm to flag potential abusive activity according to standard ethical practices, to keep users safe and encourage free speech. It could be distributed across multiple social media to pages. Our aim is to raise aspirations and challenge stereotypical thinking, making career exploration exciting. Indirectly, underdeveloped countries can be helped as the information, once globally distributed, could be the spark that ignites a new project in an underdeveloped country. Moreover, it could be an outreach platform for NGO chapters worldwide, collaborating on projects. References: #D21-13 #D2113 #mentor #platform #engineeringeducation #game

Isabel Dodd

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