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Iwan James
Feb 21, 2021
In Final submissions
Around 60% of start-ups businesses fail in the first 3 years, mainly due to a lack of funding, being in the wrong market or ineffective marketing. The problem we have identified is that small start-ups/small businesses don’t have a platform to build recognition for their sustainable projects and gain the insights they need to become successful. We propose a platform where solely UK sustainability focuses start-ups/small businesses can share their innovations and solutions and receive feedback from a wide audience on how to develop them further. The platform we aim to design is an app where businesses can openly share information about current projects and receive feedback from professionals in a wide range of fields. It is important that the engineering sector articulates new solutions and innovations with those outside of the sphere. This involves engaging with policy makers, financiers, farmers, development agencies, and most importantly the public, and the app provides a platform to achieve this. The platform can be used by these start-ups/smaller businesses and the general public as well. The aim of making the app available to the public is to give publicity to these companies, so their idea and message gets spread further across society. It will be a platform where enthusiasts can keep up with the latest developments of the ideas and innovations that interest them the most, as well as a place young people looking at a career in engineering, can have their curiosity and interest furthered and hopefully be inspired by today’s innovation. This new platform will be in the form of a website, on a computer, and an app on a phone. As user experience is an important aspect of an app or website, we will hire a small team of software developers to work on user feedback and constantly try to improve the users’ experience. The app will also be a platform for professional engineering bodies to provide training to ensure awareness on latest best practices, changes in legislative frameworks, and provide tools for sustainable strategies. The aim of this is to provide smaller businesses with the knowledge and training to upscale their solutions and bring them to market. Furthermore, the app will provide businesses with the opportunity of showcasing their final proposals to governing bodies and investors, who could then provide the relevant funding and tools. Currently, the only platform available like this proposal is LinkedIn, which is used for professional networking. However, the main purpose of this platform is to enable employers to post jobs, opportunities, and promote their businesses. The difference is that our app is targeted solely towards starts-ups/small businesses and providing them with a platform to communicate their sustainable solutions, gain insights from individuals from different professional backgrounds, and have the chance to compete for funding. It is focused on promoting inclusivity and transparency. The costs of implementing, managing and updating the app must be considered. The app could be sponsored by Innovate UK, an agency that provides support for UK-based businesses and research organisations by funding projects. The app could work in collaboration with Innovate UK and help encourage investors to support businesses using the platform.
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Iwan James
Feb 12, 2021
In Concept notes
Problem statement Climate change affects us all, from changes in weather patterns to the disruption of food chains and availability of natural resources. The problem we have identified is that companies are focusing on gaining strategic advantages over their competitors instead of collaborating under one body working towards a common goal. This is time we cannot afford to waste. The problem goes even deeper. Some of the world’s biggest economies have decided to turn a blind eye. China continues to make coal its main energy source despite promising developments in sustainable technologies like wind and solar[1]; 2020 saw the country propose 40.8GW of new coal-driven plants[2]. Actions from such influential bodies carry a lot of weight and can manipulate decisions and opinions based around tackling climate change. Solution It is important that the industry articulates the issues surrounding climate change to those outside of the sphere. This could involve engaging with policy makers, financiers, farmers, development agencies, and most importantly with the public. In response to this, we propose an app that provides a platform for bodies to openly share information, sustainable solutions, experiences and engage with individuals worldwide. Public engagement is important because climate change impacts everyone. The app will give users a platform to learn more about sustainable developments as well as get involved in tackling the issue themselves. The app will contain features that will allow individuals to set and track goals centred around reducing their own carbon footprint as well as engage with others via live events and challenges all with the focus of raising awareness and promoting action. The traditional role of engineers globally is to design and build technologies that shape our communities. Therefore, it is essential that professional engineering bodies embed awareness of the challenges of climate change among their global membership. The app will provide a platform for bodies to update individuals on latest best practices, changes in legislative frameworks, and provide tools for sustainable strategies. [1] [2]
Iwan James
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