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Julia Whitehead
Feb 12, 2021
In Concept notes
Many engineering solutions to problems facing communities in LEDCs (Lower Economically Developed Countries) are thought up by engineers from more developed countries. This is an issue for several reasons; it means solutions do not always match the communities’ needs, individuals are less likely to embrace the solutions and these are therefore less likely to work in the long term. Further compounding this lack of globally responsible engineering is the absence of diversity in the engineering sector, which can lead to myopic engineering solutions. We also must consider the need for lasting solutions that will work for communities for years to come. As communities are the experts in their own lived experience, it is vitally important to empower them to tackle their own challenges. Many organisations encouraging younger people into STEM exist in LEDCs, but few if any seem to focus on sustainable and socially responsible engineering. We would like to create a resource that gets children thinking about these issues and is made available to these organisations as well as schools, especially in disadvantaged communities. We would like to sow the seeds of sustainable and socially responsible engineering innovation in children and hopefully spark an interest around it. Inspired by games such as “Story Cubes” we would work together with teachers and students to develop a game, roleplay or other resource that would introduce important concepts in a fun, engaging way with the emphasis on imagination and innovation. We are aware that there are several hurdles we will need to overcome when developing this solution, for instance; designing, producing and distributing such a resource, as well as training educators in using this as a tool for learning. #D2109 #learningthroughplay #innovation #globalengineering #mentors @Mairead Reid @Matthew Wright-Anderson

Julia Whitehead

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