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Saajan Bassi
Feb 21, 2021
In Final submissions
D21-14 EWB Proposal: Campaign and platform to promote sustainability
Saajan Bassi
Feb 11, 2021
In Concept notes
Students studying engineering are commonly disconnected from new and current sustainable technologies being researched and implemented in their respective sectors. This lack of awareness in graduate students delays innovation in industry, as their initial inputs and work will be based on older, less sustainable practices. Inevitably, this is caused by the lack of credited and industry-specific teaching on emerging sustainable technologies within universities. This includes the lack of teaching focused on the design of sustainable systems. Whereas the absence of innovative academic research in a format that is suitable for students and those new to specialised fields, exacerbates this disconnect. Therefore, this research should be made more readily accessible and provide relevant resources to aid in the development and design using these technologies, so that the progression of these sustainable technologies into the industry may be more efficient. The reasons that very little subject-specific information is provided to students may be due to a lack of demand for this type of teaching, lecturers and university leads not knowing of the demand for this focused teaching, or a lack of resources for departments. Thus, awareness for the need of this teaching in possible and current engineering students must be increased, and provision of this information must be made available, be it through corporate collaboration with universities or guidance from governing and accrediting bodies (e.g. ICE, IStructE, and IMechE). To do this we will campaign (via social media) and request directly (via emails and petitions) for universities to provide this education as an additional or optional module, and for industry leaders/researchers to aid in providing relevant material for this teaching. We will also provide a platform to showcase these innovative technologies for specific industries in a format suitable for high school and university students. #D21-14 #D2114 #D21-15 #D2115 #education #practice

Saajan Bassi

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